Blastoise Arrived To ‘Pokémon Unite’ In His Sunday Best And Everyone Had Jokes

One of the most anticipated characters in Pokemon Unite has been Blastoise. Blastoise was surprisingly missing from the game at launch, despite being a playable character in the beta, while the other original starters like Venusaur and Charizard were there. The lack of Blastoise led to the same question every update that came and went without everyone’s favorite water blasting Pokemon.

Finally, on Wednesday, Pokemon Unite showed us Blastoise in all of his glory. He looked powerful, intense, and shockingly dapper? Yeah, nobody can really explain why but Blastoise is arriving to Pokemon Unite dressed similarly to the way Cam Newton came to a press conference one time.

Carolina Panthers

They’re the same picture.

Once the excitement over Blastoise joining Unite had tampered down the focus of everyone immediately shifted to Blastoise’s outfit. Cam Newton comparison aside, Blastoise showed up to this game about fighting looking pretty well dressed. People took notice of Blastoise efforts.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to not find this entire outfit ridiculous considering the setting so he also had to get roasted as well. Comparisons from Dad to country lawyer were all thrown at our shoulder cannon’d friend.

Now what we will not stand for is accusations that Blastoise is up to anything illegal. This is an honest Pokémon looking for honest work…by fighting other Pokémon in an arena. Okay maybe not that honest.

Dear Pokémon Company, please make this outfit an unlockable during the next Pokémon Go community event. We all need our own dapper Blastoise in our lives.