New ‘Call Of Duty’ Expansions For ‘Cold War’ And ‘Warzone’ Are So Big They Might Not Fit On A 500 GB PlayStation 4

Activision has found lots of success with Call of Duty and Warzone, but that success has come at a huge cost for gamers who want the full COD package on their consoles. And apparently fans playing on PlayStation 4s may have to make a choice when it comes to what games get to stay on their consoles. A pair of new update for the latest Call of Duty title and its Warzone mode comes with a download size so big it may push basically everything else off of the last-gen console if you only have a 500 GB hard drive.

Word came in an Activision blog post, specifically about file size, that prepared gamers for big updates on the way for both Cold War and Warzone that would take up even more space on a players’ console hard drive. In the post, Activision acknowledged that the update may be so big that gamers playing on a 500GB PlayStation 4 console may “need to make room” for the updates to fully install.

Those who own a standard PlayStation 4 with a default hard drive of 500 GB may need to make room if they have the full versions of Modern Warfare®/Warzone and Black Ops Cold War with all modes and packs installed. Should you have both games installed and have kept up to date with updates, you may need to delete some unused Game Content to have a successful download and install of the [latest] Warzone patch.

Call of Duty has long been known to have huge file sizes for its games, but it now seems we’re at the point where a single game’s “full” experience, with Cold War and Warzone‘s battle royale elements, may make it impossible for players to have any other games on their consoles. And in a gaming world where physical discs are increasingly being phased out, hard drive storage space is an even bigger issue for console gamers.

The news that a 500 GB PlayStation 4 may only be a Warzone machine quickly trended online, with 500 GB trending on Twitter by Thursday afternoon.

Regardless of why the files are so big, it stands to reason that the game and its updates are only going to get bigger. Which means the biggest of the series’ fans may want to invest in a bigger hard drive.