A ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’ Sequel Has Been Confirmed Alongside A Huge ‘Warzone’ Update

Call of Duty may be changing over to new ownership, but that hasn’t changed the current plans for any of the franchise’s upcoming games. There were reports that Warzone 2 and sequel to Modern Warfare were both planned for the near future, and on Friday, Activision Blizzard confirmed this while giving details on the exact timeline for these future games.

In a blog post, details were given about what we can expect to see from Call of Duty in the future. A sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare is in the plans for 2022. After that, work is going to shift over to a gigantic update for Warzone. What it did not confirm is if this new game will simply be an update or expansion to current Warzone, or a brand new game. Both games will be handled by Activision studio, Infinity Ward.

Lastly, we also wanted to give a peek into what is on the horizon in 2022 for Call of Duty. The team is excited to confirm some additional news below.

Stay frosty, friends.

– This year’s Call of Duty is a sequel to Modern Warfare® 2019​.

– The new game and a new Warzone experience are designed together from the ground-up​.

– Expect a massive evolution of Battle Royale with all-new playspace and a new sandbox mode​.

– A new engine powers both the new Call of Duty game release and Warzone.

– Development on both the new Call of Duty and the Warzone experience is being led by Infinity Ward.

The big changes here seem to be the plans for a new major engine. The current engine that Call of Duty runs on is what the 2019 Modern Warfare debuted on, so it only makes sense that a sequel would also mean a new engine for any future games. That new engine is not only a refresh for the look and feel of the franchise, but it may be an opportunity to finally get ahead of the hacking that has been a problem in the franchise for years.