Invisible People Are Getting Kills In ‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ Because Of A Red Door

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of those games where the element of surprise can be the ultimate advantage in a fight. A death potentially means the end of an entire run and heading back to the main menu. If someone gets the advantage on you and gets a few cheap shots off then that could be the difference they need to win a firefight.

That’s why the latest glitch we’re seeing out of Call of Duty: Warzone is extremely concerning. While we expect a game like this to have a lot of glitches, because it’s over 100 players all going into one giant map, there are certain kinds of glitches that can ruin the entire experience. Apparently, there are red doors that, if players go through an elaborate sequence of events, can make the player invisible. This is starting to become noticed among players and the videos are really a sight to behold. It’s like a bad magic show.

Nothing is more frustrating in a multiplayer shooter than being unable to see where you’re getting shot from, but when that player was, in reality, standing in front of them the entire time then that merely enhances that frustration. It also raises an interesting question though. Since the way players have to activate this glitch is so elaborate then shouldn’t Raven Software be able to ban players exploiting it? They recently had a huge ban of over 50,000 players for rampant cheating. Does this fall into that category?

It could, but that depends on how much of a problem these players exploiting this glitch actually are. One of the bigger issues with Warzone right now is the players making an active effort to cheat through programs like aimbots. These cheaters have been a problem since launch and are getting more creative.

Between players cheating intentionally, and some exploiting a glitch, Warzone is often not a very fun game to play at the moment. Which is disappointing, because it’s one of the better battle royale games out there.