From ‘Resident Evil’ to ‘SAW,’ Here Are All Of The ‘Dead By Daylight’ Killer Crossovers

When it comes to which games are offering players the greatest multiplayer experience right now, Dead By Daylight is one of the top contenders — if you can stomach it. The tense game is a blast, and features nearly 50 characters to either run the show or run from. While nearly every character has their own perks and unique playstyle, some of them come with an added edge: recognition. Since the game’s release back in 2016, Behaviour Interactive has joined forces with ten different properties to create some incredibly fun crossovers. From the one that started it all to the recently announced Resident Evil, these are all of the game’s many killer collaborations.


Halloween (October 2016)

This is the one that first kicked off licensed characters appearing in Dead By Daylight, and honestly what an iconic start. The Halloween movies are a staple in the horror genre, Dropping just days before its namesake holiday, “The HALLOWEEN Chapter” introduced obsessive killer Michael Meyers (referred to as “The Shape” in the game), scream queen Laurie Strode, and the town of Haddonfield.

Left 4 Dead (March 2017)

While many assumed more classic horror films would follow, Dead By Daylight shook it up by incorporating a fellow game IP into the mix. In “PARAGRAPH I: Left Behind​,” a DLC pack originally exclusive to PC, William “Bill” Overbeck was introduced to the game to the delight of many. You see, prior to Dead By Daylight, Left 4 Dead was one of the most memorable horror multiplayer experiences on the market, making this crossover all the more meaningful to fans of the genre.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (September 2017)

And now for the return of the hallmarks of horror! Later in 2017, Dead By Daylight introduced The Texas Chainsaw Massacre into the game through “PARAGRAPH II: LEATHERFACE​,” another small DLC pack. The pack contained killer Leatherface, referred to as “The Cannibal” in the game. For those afraid of chainsaws, his inclusion made the game all that more terrifying.


A Nightmare on Elm Street (October 2017)

So, how do you follow up Leatherface? With Freddy Krueger of course. Freddy (aka “The Nightmare”) and survivor Quentin Smith came to Dead By Daylight as a part of ” CHAPTER VI: A Nightmare on Elm Street,” complete with the restless town of Springwood. While Freddy was a character folks surely saw coming, it came as a shock to some that Quentin was included rather than Nancy.


SAW (January 2018)

Seeing as how Friday the 13th already had its own successful asymmetrical multiplayer game by this point, it didn’t seem very likely Jason would make an appearance alongside fellow horror icons. So, instead of looking back, Dead By Daylight selected a decidedly more current franchise for its next DLC pack: SAW. In “The SAW Chapter,” killer Amanda Young (“The Pig”), survivor Detective David Tapp, and the Gideon Meat Plant were introduced.


Scream (June 2019)
Whether or not the series truly introduced Scream into the game with this update almost feels… debatable. For the game’s 12th chapter, Dead By Daylight brought in legendary murderer Ghost Face but did not accompany him with a location or survivor. In fact, nowhere in the statement does it even mention Scream, which could mean this Ghost Face is more or less a homebrewed version of the Scream character. However, fans did point out that the killer has the same mannerisms as the movie killer — including little things like how he wipes blood from his knife. The line is blurry with this one.

Stranger Things (September 2019)

Following the critical acclaim of Stranger Things, I think a lot of folks were ready to run from the dreaded Demogorgon in a horror game. In Dead By Daylight, fans got their wish with the “Stranger Things Chapter.” The chapter introduced The Demogorgon, of course, as well as survivors Nancy Wheeler and fan-favorite Steve Harrington. It also came with a new map, the Underground Complex, which is based on the labs beneath Hawkins in the Netflix show.

Ash Vs The Evil Dead (April 2019)

If all this shock and horror left you craving a bit of levity, your wish was granted in “PARAGRAPH III: Ash vs The Evil Dead.” Like all the previous paragraphs, the small DLC bundle simply comes with one character — Ash Williams — but introduces a lot of fun into the series. While he might not come with his chainsaw or “boomstick,” he does come with laughs.

Silent Hill (June 2020)

For the first time since the Left 4 Dead paragraph DLC back in 2017, Dead By Daylight chose to incorporate a horror game IP into the game and, perhaps more importantly, selected one that started quite the frenzy. Much like Resident Evil, Silent Hill is a staple horror survival series, however, unlike Resident Evil, the developers haven’t been doing much with the series — at least not publicly. The inclusion of Silent Hill characters Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason, and Midwich Elementary school has made fans suspect there might be a new Silent Hill game in the works.

Resident Evil (June 2021)

And last but certainly not least, earlier today Dead By Daylight dropped the trailer for the next big crossover: Resident Evil. Following Silent Hill and the Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes, it’s a collaboration that feels natural but is exciting nevertheless. With so many iconic characters to choose from, we’re sure it was hard narrowing down on bringing aboard killer Nemesis and survivors Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy, but we’re glad they did. In addition, this new chapter comes with the Raccoon City Police Department map, the setting of Resident Evil 2. The pack will be available to purchase starting June 15, 2021.