‘Dead Space’ Was Officially Unveiled As A Teaser At EA Play 2021

One of the most horrifying games ever made is Dead Space. EA’s survival horror game was set in the cold confines of space, and at the time, it was revolutionary in the ways it terrified players. Put some really fun gameplay on top, and throw in a little bit of telekinesis, and EA had the formula for their next big franchise. Unfortunately, the series only got three games before quietly fading away.

Fans have wanted a new Dead Space for years, and this summer, the rumors surrounding a new game reached an all-time high. There were reports a new game was on the way, but nobody could figure out if it was a reboot or a remake of the original. On Thursday, during EA Play 2021, we finally got our answer: A remake of Dead Space is coming, and this one is being created by Motive Studios.

The teaser itself doesn’t give fans much to go off of. It shows a camera slowly panning through the hallways of the USG Ishimura, some quick shots of the necromorphs, and ends with a back shot of Isaac Clarke standing in front of a message in blood, “Cut Off Their Limbs.” The message is, of course, the way players fight the horrifying necromorphs in combat. Don’t follow this message and players will find themselves running out of ammo very quickly.

Some fans of the franchise may be a little disappointed because a remake likely means that it will just be a higher quality version of the original game, without doing anything new. However, a remake can be a great starting point for a few reasons. One of them is that it lays down a foundation on a new engine that future games can be built on top of. It is also a test balloon by EA sent out to fans to see how much interest there is in the franchise. If the game sells well, then that may be the green light necessary to start making brand new games. If it goes poorly, then they might choose to use assets elsewhere.

Even if it is just a remake, this is still really exciting for fans of the Dead Space franchise. Those games were beloved at the time and it’s been extremely disappointing to go almost a decade without a new one. This game simply existing is awesome, and hopefully, the game itself meets the expectations of the original.