‘Elden Ring’ Can Now Be Beaten In Under 13 Minutes In A Speedrun

Elden Ring is one of the hardest games out there right now. It’s not impossible, but unless you’re willing to dive into the mechanics and world of Elden Ring, you might find yourself having a hard time with it. Unless, of course, you’re one of the game’s many speedrunners and have the skill to make Elden Ring look easy.

What used to take an hour for speedrunners eventually took 30 minutes. Now, they’re able to get below 15, and after mastering the exploits even further, speedrunners have taken a game that is taking most people around 80 hours to beat and reaching credits in less than 13 minutes. The current world record for the game was just set at 12:32.

It’s kind of incredible to watch a game that was crafted with the kind of care that Elden Ring was and see it get torn to shreds by just a handful of exploits that will zip the player across the world in mere seconds. That said, while most of the game is skipped through these exploits, there is one major fight that the runner needs to overcome against the Beast Clergyman. Defeat that and it’s smooth sailing the rest of the way.

What’s really fun about these speedruns is that FromSoftware has historically not patched out speedrunning exploits from their games. This means that most of this run will remain viable until new faster exploits are discovered later on. Who knows, maybe one day someone will beat this game in under five minutes.