‘Fall Guys’ Goes Free To Play And Is Finally Coming To Switch And Xbox

When Fall Guys first came out in the middle of 2020 it was a revelation for a ton of people sitting at home without much else to do. The gameshow-like premise was very simplistic but extremely addictive, and the wonky controls created enough chaos for some really fun moments with friends.

While Fall Guys might not be as big as it was when it first released, there are still plenty of people playing it. It receives pretty frequent updates, has had multiple seasons, and even supports crossplay across both PC and PlayStation 5. Soon, Fall Guys players will be able to also play against Xbox and Switch owners because it was announced on Monday that it would finally be coming to those platforms. Not only that, but it’s also going to become a free-to-play game!

By going free-to-play, and finally reaching the Switch and Xbox, Fall Guys has an interesting opportunity for a second rise. It’s still the same game it always was, but those of us that haven’t played it in 2020 are going to jump in to find tons of new content to play with and gear to unlock. Speaking of gear, if you were one of the people who bought Fall Guys then you will receive a legacy pack with special cosmetics for your own jellybean man.

For longtime Fall Guys owners, there has never been a better time to jump back in and for newcomers, this is the perfect opportunity to play one of the wackiest games of 2020.