The ‘Fall Guys’ Season 4 Trailer Teases An ‘Among Us’ Crossover

Over the summer, there were no games as big as Fall Guys and Among Us, two party games were nothing alike. One is a platformer battle royale with intentionally janky controls, and the other is a murder mystery between a group of friends.

Both took the world by storm in large part due to the Twitch communities that quickly formed around them while in-person interactions were limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but more importantly, they are fun. Getting a group of friends together to laugh your way through a few rounds of Fall Guys is a blast, while Among Us is a great way to determine which people you know are really good at lying about being a horrifying space villain.

On Monday, Fall Guys released a trailer for Season 4, which means new costumes, new courses, and a new theme. The future theme looks cool, but right at the end of the teaser is an impossible-to-miss reference to Among Us.

It’s a crossover that makes sense — these two titles are forever going to be connected with one another because of when they both came to prominence, so of course, they have to crossover. A Fall Guy and an Among Us crew mate look eerily similar, with both being cute ovalish creatures. And when Among Us first started blowing up, it wasn’t uncommon for people to think that the memes about it were related to Fall Guys. They were easily the two biggest surprises of 2020 and so many gamers have memories of the fun time spent playing these games.

Now there’s one more important question: They managed to get a crew mate into Fall Guys, will they be able to get a Fall Guy into Among Us? The idea of little bean guys running around with the crew mates all trying to figure out who the murderer is sounded too funny to not happen at some point.