Fast & Furious Returns To ‘Rocket League’ With The F9 Coming Soon

Fast & Furious and Rocket League are two franchises that were made for each other. Both have cars going at incredibly fast speeds and doing stunts that should not be performed by any car in a realistic environment ever. Of course, while the Fast & Furious crew is saving the world from terrorists, or committing heists, Rocket League has cars with rockets strapped to the back playing soccer. Yes, they’re just as absurd as they sound and they’re perfect for each other.

With the new Fast & Furious movie coming out later this month, it’s the perfect opportunity for a crossover. Rocket League and Fast & Furious have crossed over before, with some of the cars being available in Rocket League, and now players will have even more to choose from.


The trailer is a reference to one of the more absurd scenes from the new Fast & Furious movie trailer where the crew has their cars drop from a plane for what we can only assume is a quick entry landing. Of course, in the game, they’ll be landing in an arena to play soccer.

An important question that has to be asked. Which member of the Fast family would be the best at car soccer? The obvious answer is Dominic Toretto, but if Luke Hobbs is participating then there’s a chance the match is never going to end as the two battle it out to be the most powerful soccer car player in the family. The only way this can be solved? Get Hobbs and Dom’s car in the game and battle ’em out. Let’s settle this debate for ourselves.