‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Director Says That More Projects Related To The Iconic Game Are On The Way

The director of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Tetsuya Nomura, is no stranger to large elaborate franchises. He was one of the key figures behind the Kingdom Hearts series and has been a part of the Final Fantasy franchise ever since Final Fantasy IV. His pedigree speaks for itself and while sometimes his games can go a little off the rails in terms of scope, Nomura is someone whom Square Enix has entrusted many of their biggest projects to, including Final Fantasy VII.

Monday is the 25th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, and that means that we got a little bit of a tease on what that means for not only the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2, but what Square Enix is planning for the IP itself. Final Fantasy VII has exploded into something even bigger than when it came out in 1997. There are multiple spin-offs, animated movies, and tie-ins related to Final Fantasy VII including the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. If that and the second part of the remake sounds like a lot, then we hope you’re ready for even more Final Fantasy VII content. In a statement celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the game, Nomura said they have plans of even more Final Fantasy VII content in the future. This machine is not stopping anytime soon.

“And there will be even more FFVII projects that started up after the remake coming in the future too. The team see this 25th anniversary as a waypoint on our journey with FFVII, and will continue pressing ahead to even greater things, so please keep supporting us going forward!”

Speaking of the remake, it sounds like we’re going to be getting some more info on that sometime in 2022. The original Final Fantasy VII director, Yoshinori Kitase, spoke of Square Enix’s intentions to give more info about the remake series during an anniversary event. Via VGC.

“We are hard at work on Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, so please look forward to that. In addition, with regards to the long awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake [Part 2]… there will be more information… this year if we can,” he said, in a translation for VGC provided by PushDustIn.

Final Fantasy VII was, until Final Fantasy XIV, the most popular game in the franchise. Its legacy as one of the greatest JRPG’s of all time and how it popularized the genre in the west, can never be understated. It’s no surprise to see that Square Enix is continuing to build off that popularity even 25 years after the fact.