‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ Is Getting A Huge PS5 Update Including Exclusive DLC

One of the biggest games of 2020 was Square Enix’s highly anticipated remake of Final Fantasy 7. A re-telling of the RPG classic on modern hardware had been something that fans spent years begging for, but it came with a twist: This game was going to be episodic. Square didn’t want to just remake Final Fantasy 7, they wanted to re-tell it and expand upon it. The result was something a lot of people loved even if the final third of the game is a little controversial.

During Sony’s most recent State of Play event, they unveiled DLC for FF7 Remake starring Yuffie. That’s right, she’s getting her own side story in the canon of the FF7 remake. Even bigger, the entirety of Final Fantasy 7 remake is getting a free upgrade for PS5 owners. So anyone that wants FF7 Remake to somehow look even more gorgeous can now do that. There is one catch however with all this news. The DLC is a PS5 exclusive. PS4 owners that already own the game will need to get a PS5 to play it.

The best aspect of the game was it took the beginning sections of the original Final Fantasy 7 in Midgar and did an incredible job of expanding on it. They proved that there was a story to tell and lore to put more detail into with the remake so it would make sense that any DLC for the game would follow that same path.

In one sense it’s cool for PS5 owners that they’re finally starting to get some exclusives that matter. It’s a selling point for a console that so far hasn’t had much to prove it was worth upgrading to. On the downside, it has to hurt if you’re a PS4 owner that owns Final Fantasy 7 Remake and can’t enjoy the DLC because of something like cost or inability to find a new console just yet.