‘Final Fantasy XVI’ Gets A Summer Release Date At PlayStation State Of Play

Whenever a new Final Fantasy game is on the horizon there is always excitement. It can be argued that there are better JRPG franchises, but nobody can disagree that the Final Fantasy franchise is the most important JRPG for western audiences. It’s the franchise that helped an entire genre gain popularity overseas and to this day is still thriving. We would not have many of our favorite games if it wasn’t for Final Fantasy and that’s why whenever a new game comes out everyone pays attention.

On Thursday, at this summer’s PlayStation State of Play, a new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI was revealed. Not only was this more expansive than the previous trailer, but it gave us a Summer 2023 release date for the game.

The trailer is filled with flashy cinematics and action sequences so it can be a little difficult to make out what is taking place, but the combat appears to be similar to the more action oriented direction that Final Fantasy XV went in. These action sequences are spread out sporadically throughout the trailer, but they’re very cool and could make for a really fun game if handled the right way. A fair criticism of Final Fantasy XV is that the combat, while fun, was more style than substance. Hopefully, this one will have a little more depth to it.

Of course, we still have an entire year before the game’s potential release date. There is plenty of time for us to not only learn more about the game, but for the developers to polish the game until it’s the best it can possibly be. There’s a lot to be excited about here for JRPG fans.