Google Is Expanding Google Play Pass With New Games And Features

Microsoft is trying its best to make Xbox Game Pass the best deal in gaming, with huge acquisitions like Bethesda and adding EA titles to its vast catalog. But Google is attempting to do the same with its mobile gaming hub, and it’s added a number of new titles and features to its Google Play Pass this month as it battles with Apple for mobile gaming supremacy.

The company announced on Friday that it’s adding several mobile games to the subscription service, starting with the mobile version of Tesla vs. Lovecraft, a dual-stick shooter that puts you in the inventor’s shoes as you battle a number of horrible monsters from the H.P. Lovecraft canon.

There are also a new batch of puzzle games to the subscription, which runs $4.99 a month or $29.99 per year. Starman and Who Is Awesome? lead the way there, the former an immersive puzzle game and the latter a two-directional platformer.

You can read the full details about the expansion on Google’s Quicksave blog, as there’s a lot that’s been added in recent weeks. If you’re a big mobile gamer (and have an Android device) it’s a pretty valuable expansion to the program, which already has a lot of titles like the lovely Stardew Valley, Monument Valley, Limbo and others. Google stressed that it’s not just a games platform, with some educator-approved learning apps and Google Play Books included in the package. But titles like Tesla vs. Lovecraft, Cytus II and the Delight Games library are certainly the more notable additions for gamers looking to get the most mobile bang for their buck.