A ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Video Game Is Coming From Square Enix In October

One of the more highly-anticipated games from Square Enix has been nothing but a rumor for years until Sunday, when the company announced Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy to the world. This is not a game based on the movies that came out over the last handful of years, however, but an original story created by Square Enix meant to be for video game fans.

The trailer itself hits all the right notes. It’s funny, full of character, and features just enough action to have us excited about what it will be like to play as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. They also managed to avoid a mistake they made with 2020’s Marvel’s Avengers in the character design. They’re unique to the game, yes, but they still look good. The Avengers game of course received backlash for not looking the way they did in the MCU, but the models just didn’t look right.

After the trailer, Square Enix spent time showing what the game is going to be like. While it would have been fun to play as every member of the Guardians, it would have been a mess trying to switch between characters constantly. Keeping the player as a single main character keeps it focused. It also creates a fun gameplay mechanic where the player can make decisions as Peter Quill and the rest of the guardians act more autonomously and react to those decisions.

The gameplay that was shown looked really fun. The characters talked a little too much, but that was probably for trailer purposes so we could get a look into everyone’s personality. Right now, early signs show a game where the developers really understand what a Guardians of the Galaxy game should look and sound like. They even have licensed music sequences, which fits what we’ve seen in the films as well. And with an October release date, we’ll see how it all plays a lot sooner than many thought.