Joe Burrow Is Going To Spend His Saturday Before The AFC Championship Playing ‘Super Smash Bros.’

A new champion of the AFC will be crowned this Sunday and earn the right to play in the Super Bowl. It’s gonna be a fantastic matchup between the conference’s two most recent Super Bowl teams: the Chiefs and Bengals, led by Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow, respectively. Both of these quarterbacks are playing some of the best football of their life right now and have a confidence to them that has helped them reach this point.

However, at some point before a game as big as this one, these two need to find a way to relax. For Burrow, that would be using his Saturday to do things that don’t involve film study. What does he usually do instead? Play Super Smash Bros. of course!

Of all the ways that someone can possibly relax before a game, there might not be a better option than Smash Bros. It’s ridiculously fun, the stakes are only as high as you want them to be, and it’s a chance to scratch that competitive itch. The true question on everyone’s mind though was which character was Burrow’s weapon of choice?

Ness is weird, floaty, and racks up damage in ways you would never expect him to. More power to Ness players out there, but you have to be committed to learning how to play someone like that. Maybe that’s why Burrow has so quickly become one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Can someone please ask Patrick Mahomes what his main is?