‘Madden 23’ Will Have A John Madden Legacy Game To Honor The Iconic Coach

One of the cooler parts of Madden 23 this year is all the ways it plans to honor the iconic coach and namesake for the game, John Madden. Not only is he going to be on the cover of the game, but he’s going to be all over the game itself from his virtual appearance in modes like Ultimate Team to a game mode dedicated entirely to him.

The John Madden Legacy Game is a mode in Madden 23 where players will be able to play with one of two John Madden’s, one dressed in his iconic pinstripe and tie look, and another in the same outfit he won Super Bowl XI in. Both teams are full of some of the NFL’s greatest to ever play including players who were named to John Madden’s personal “All-Madden” team.

John Madden in Madden 23
Madden 23

This is another really cool way EA and the Madden devs are choosing to honor John Madden and remind everyone about his legacy as not only a football coach and broadcaster, but everything he did for video games. It’s hard to believe, but the next game in the franchise comes out in only seven days so we don’t have to wait too long to experience everything EA has waiting for us.