‘Kirby And The Forgotten Land’ Will Release With Co-Op On March 25

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a game that fans of the franchise have been asking for basically ever since the pink puff ball first went 3D on the Nintendo 64. They didn’t want a 2D adventure with 3D graphics, they wanted a full-on 3D world that Kirby could explore, battle, and copy his way through. So when it was revealed that the next Kirby game would be a 3D adventure, we were, of course, excited.

On Wednesday, Nintendo dropped a follow-up trailer for Kirby and the Forgotten Land that not only showed off some more gameplay of the upcoming 3D adventure, but also gave us some pretty important bits of information. For starters, the game will be released on March 25. While that’s expected to be a strong month full of heavyweight games, Kirby will fit right in, especially now that we know this game is also going to feature co-op. The Kirby games have always been really fun to play with friends, and we’re thrilled to know that tradition will continue with the next installment.

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Price: $60
Release Date: March 25 (3/25)
Genre: Adventure/Platformer
Developer: HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Nintendo
Rating: E10+
Where can I buy this: Nintendo eShop, Brick and Mortar stores
Single Player: Yes
Multiplayer: Yes
Early Access: No
Microtransactions: No