Lance Reddick Will Star As Albert Wesker In The Netflix ‘Resident Evil’ Series

Resident Evil is a series that we just can’t get enough of. From video games to movies, and now a TV show, Resident Evil is a franchise that has been covered from every possible angle. However, while the Resident Evil movies are certainly fun, they fail in one aspect: They never properly captured the personality of the characters they were supposed to be portraying.

With Netflix’s Resident Evil series, that may be changing soon. Lance Reddick, known for excelling in every role he’s ever been in, is going to be playing the role of Albert Wesker. To avoid potential spoilers for anyone that has somehow not interact with Resident Evil before, let’s just say that’s an incredibly important casting choice and Reddick is perfect for it.

There is a lot that’s really great about this choice. For starters, Reddick is perfect at delivering his lines in a way that is necessary for someone like Wesker. Depending on how they choose to portray Wesker, he’ll need to be someone that’s confident, cool under pressure, and at times a little unhinged. There’s no reason to believe that Reddick can’t pull that off.

Resident Evil first came out back in the ’90s as a horror/action game. It was Capcom’s attempt to make a Hollywood blockbuster-style video game. Let’s just say they managed to perfectly nail their assignment because Resident Evil is still seeing new releases to this day.