The New ‘Mandalorian’ Themed Xbox Controller Will Run You $169.99

Season 2 of The Mandalorian premiered to great fanfare this weekend on Disney+, as the streaming service’s biggest hit series returned with its longest episode yet, once again following Mando and Baby Yoda’s quest through the galaxy.

Last holiday season, Baby Yoda and Mandalorian merchandise became must-haves for fans of the franchise, and it appears companies are ready to double down on Mando merch this winter as well. Microsoft unveiled a new Mandalorian themed Xbox controller that will be compatible with the upcoming next-gen Xbox Series X/S as well as with an Xbox One, and the privilege of owning the beskar steel inspired controller and charging dock comes with quite the price tag: $169.99.


Yes, that is correct, this controller — which, to be clear, has no additional features that make it special beyond the design — will run you a good $70 more than if you bought a regular controller and charging stand. It also, as our Ryan Nagelhout pointed out to me, doesn’t have the same functions as the official Series X controller, as there is no dedicated screenshot button. It does look pretty cool, as it’s made to look like Mando’s armor and even features a little Baby Yoda wanted poster on the back of the battery cover, but it is a steep price point for pre-order for the Dec. 31 release.