A Beloved (And Painful) ‘Mario Party’ Game Will Hit The Nintendo Switch With A New Warning

Nintendo expanding its virtual library of games to include select Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis titles is certainly good news for those who may have parted ways with their old consoles over the last few years. The added package, which launched on Monday, will bring titles like Super Mario 64, Star Fox 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to millions of people carrying Nintendo Switch consoles in their backpacks.

Updating those old games to play on new hardware was certainly an obstacle, but one minigame from an old title will apparently return to a new game with a very familiar warning thanks to decades of pain and suffering. As Kotaku detailed, the “Tug o’ War” minigame from Mario Party will return to the forthcoming Mario Party Superstars, this time with a warning that attempts to diffuse any issues you may have by mashing your palm into the controller’s joystick in order to win the game.

As you can see from the video above of the original Mario Party 64, the concept of the minigame is simple: time the rotation right (and quickly) to win the tug of war and send your opponent into the Piranha Plants below. The 3 v 1 game gives the single player Bowser-like powers, but working quickly on either side can be enough for the win. But many resorted to not using a single thumb, but their entire palm in order to get maximum rotation. Which, on the old Nintendo 64 controller, often hurt like hell.

Kotaku has the full story on all the painful results of the palming method, which included an eventual official safety warning and complaints from a lot of parents and kids. But according to leaks from the new title, there’s now a warning that comes with Tug O’ War that warns players not to, you know, smash your palm into your JoyCons.


There’s also a bit of extra incentive to not play rough with this one: the temperamental nature of JoyCons in general make this one rife for creating drift in your favorite controller. So it’s best to go easy here: no minigame victory is worth having to repair that over and over again yourself.

[via Kotaku]