Here Are Four Reasons You Need To Play ‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’

After years of fan demand, the legendary Mass Effect trilogy is back with a legendary edition, and we here at Uproxx are excited. Widely considered an absolute “must-play,” if you haven’t played the Mass Effect Trilogy, there’s never been a better time to jump in, and — if you’re still on the fence about picking it up — here are four reasons you shouldn’t be.

1. It’s one of the most epic science fiction stories in gaming.

If you like space operas (think intergalactic warfare, chivalrous romance, politics, melodrama, life-or-death adventures, and, well, Star Wars), you’ll love the Mass Effect trilogy. The story follows Commander Shepard, a space navy soldier from Earth who is thrust into an adventure much bigger than they are when they witness the return of an ancient and deadly race known as the Reapers. In addition to navigating that mess, Shepherd must play diplomat between mankind and all the other various races inhabiting the Milky Way galaxy that aren’t always the biggest fans of humans. While that might not sound all that enthralling right now, the story truly goes places both literally and metaphorically. The many planets you visit are gorgeous and interesting, and the story consistently forces the player to make hard choices and play a very active part in what’s happening, which is a lot.

2. The Mass Effect trilogy boasts some of the greatest characters, and romances, in a series.
Mass Effect series easily has some of the most charming and interesting characters in an ensemble cast style game, with so many diverse companions there’s one for everyone regardless of if you like your friends a bit sweet or spicy. Furthermore, the moments you share with them are so unique to each character and make you either care for, or perhaps despise them, quickly and with fervor. Personality coats their dialogue and all the moments you share together, meaning by the time players reach the third game, you genuinely feel as if you have history with these characters. Lastly, ah the romances! The Mass Effect games handle love, lust, and intimacy extraordinarily well, and will leave you wishing other AAA titles went as hard with theirs.

3. It’s the perfect mix of heavy narrative and open-world elements.

If you’ve read the first two points, you now know that Mass Effect has a great story and even greater characters, but what truly makes it shine is how much you control you have over the aforementioned story and your relationships with its characters. In Mass Effect, you choose how you look, where you come from, your own code of ethics, how you spend your time, and who you spend it with. It makes for a game that feels different each time you play it and opens up fun conversations with friends about where you did things differently and which space boo is best. If you’ve ever played Skyrim and wished you felt a stronger connection to the game’s story and characters, Mass Effect is for you. If you’ve ever played an Assassin’s Creed game — particularly the older ones — and wished you had a bit more freedom, Mass Effect is for you.

4. It’s only $60 USD for three — yes three — games.

Listen, we’ll never tell you how to spend your money or encourage you to do so if you can’t right now — we’re better pals than that — but if you are looking for a new game to play, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a pretty unbeatable value. For the cost of a new game (hell, less than the cost of a next-gen one), you get three critically-acclaimed games with 80-150 hours worth of content between them. A lot of good games have come out recently, but if you could only pick up one to last you through the summer months, I’d recommend Mass Effect Legendary Edition.