‘MLB The Show 21’ Will Make The ‘Field Of Dreams’ Cornfield Playable In A Free Update

When MLB The Show 21 announced that it was going to have a park creation feature there was a lot of excitement about what fans would be able to do with that. One idea that jumped into everyone’s mind though was the idea of making the famous Field of Dreams from the movie of the same name.

Well hopefully nobody spent too much time making that park, because the developers decided that they were just going to make it themselves. With the White Sox and Yankees set to play a game on August 12 at Dyersville ballpark, the location where the movie was filmed, players of MLB The Show 21 will get to have the same experience. A free update on Tuesday, August 10, will make the Field of Dreams a playable ballpark in the game. A PlayStation Blog from San Diego Studio explained more:

As the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox step onto the diamond this week in the cornfields of Iowa, you too can step onto the field with this update and live out your dreams. The team at San Diego Studio worked closely with the field architects and MLB to accurately replicate this one-of-a-kind field. We didn’t stop with just adding this iconic stadium to MLB The Show 21, but we have an entire week of live content dedicated to Field of Dreams.

Recreating the Field of Dreams was no small task for us, and because of that we needed to be very fluid in our build process. We started listing all the elements in the stadium that would be unique and representative of this famed site, like the corn for example. We were able to start designing the light structure locations, seating area, and general surroundings. One of the more technically important things in-stadium is the field dimensions. This render was a good start, but far from the essential information we needed to create a true representation that this stadium demands.

This is really cool and an easy win for The Show. Fans of baseball have a special place in their heart for Field of Dreams and an MLB game being played there is going to be a lifelong memory for them. So why not give those same fans an opportunity to have their own moments next to that magical cornfield?