Soon You Will No Longer Need A Facebook Account To Use The Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest is considered to be one of the best VR headsets available. It has some of the coolest technology behind it, and for gamers, it has a rather large library of VR games. The problem: With Facebook owning Oculus, it became a requirement to have a Facebook account to log in and use it.

Thankfully, that feature is not going to last much longer. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced during Thursday’s Facebook Live event that they would be phasing out the requirement. Instead, they will be looking at other means to log in. (H/t PC Gamer)

“As we’ve focused more on work, and frankly as we’ve heard your feedback more broadly, we’re working on making it so you can log in into Quest with an account other than your personal Facebook account,” said CEO Mark Zuckerberg during his keynote. “We’re starting to test support for work accounts soon, and we’re working on making a broader shift here, within the next year.”

VR is one of those cool technologies in gaming that we’re starting to see more companies try to get creative with. Games such as Beat Saber and Half-Life: Alyx, for example, are both extremely popular games among VR players. It’s a technology fresh for new ideas with the potential to make some extremely cool games. Now, more people can embrace these new experiences without the need of a Facebook account.