‘Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart,’ The PS5’s First Big Exclusive, Gets A Release Date

If you own a PlayStation 5 right now you might be feeling like you wasted your money. The console released back in November and became impossible to buy almost immediately. Yet, despite the incredible amount of hype surrounding the console, early returns for PS5 buyers have been minimal. The list of exclusives has been extremely small with most games releasing on both the PS5 and previous-gen PlayStation 4. If you own a PS4 you might feel like there wasn’t a point in making the effort to get a PS5.

Well, worry not PS5 owners, because an exclusive is on your way and it’s a big one. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart has been given a release date of June 11 and this one isn’t going to be available anywhere else. Rift Apart, for those who remember, was one of the bigger titles showcased during a June event to show off some games along with an unveiling of the new console.

Rift Apart finally having a release date is exciting! If there was a single game that showed off what the next generation was capable of it was going to be this one. The way Ratchet seamlessly travels to different worlds, as he traverses through portals, is something that could only be done in the next generation. There’s a very good chance that the game is nothing more than than a tech demo, but Insomniac has been making Ratchet & Clank for a long time. If there’s anyone we can trust to do good by this franchise it’s them.

This is also something that Sony really needed to keep up the excitement around their new console. The grumbling about a lack of exclusives for the PS5 was getting louder by the month and this is a chance to quell those frustrations. Although, this does not mean that games are not still going to be coming out for the PS4. It’s uncertain when games are going to be releasing exclusively next-gen, but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to be anytime soon. For now, PS5 owners will just have to settle for what we all hope is a spectacular game.