The Latest Episode Of ‘Recon’ Is Here To Breakdown The Console Wars

Uproxx Recon has returned from the NEXT GENERATION! One of us was lucky enough to secure a brand new console on launch day (it was me!) and now that we and the community have had a chance to collectively break them in, we’re ready to talk about first impressions.

Internet champion, SushiBAE, and me, AJ Lodge from Uproxx Edge, are back for another round to talk everything PS5 and Xbox Series X. From the games to the controllers, the performance, and the memes, we’re giving you the scoop on our hands-on experience with the next generation of video games while highlighting the best reactions from around the gaming community.

Yes, a good majority of the episode is spent gushing over my time with Bugsnax, but trust that we make sure to cover the world’s thoughts and feelings about Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Astro’s Playroom, and the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Cold War. While we can’t literally become Spider-Man yet, I do really have a feeling that by next-generation I’ll be actually zipping up a suit. Fingers crossed.

Plus, we go in-depth about the Playstation 5’s new Dualsense controller and answer the question: “Are the adaptive triggers really the future of gaming?” I’ll spoil it, they are!

So open fifty tabs and make sure your address is accurate because Uproxx Recon is available now!