‘Recon’ Looks At The Good And Incredibad of Video Game Movies

With the release of the Uncharted film, we’re all once again skydiving out of cargo planes into the wonderfully weird world of video game adaptations. Are they good? Are they bad? Are they faithful recreations or uneven homages? The answer to all of these questions is “yes,” because video game movies and shows are a little more complicated than the Konami code.

We all know those movies or shows that are so bad they’re good, but it seems like video game adaptations overwhelmingly fall into this category. Everything from the original Super Mario Bros. movie to the Resident Evil film franchise hasn’t always lived up to fan expectations or earned critical praise but many have achieved cult movie status with fans who see past the bumps to find a bit of charm. But cult status isn’t usually the ambition when you think of the big budget nature of these things. How to fix them? Who knows. Maybe some of these long-running series would benefit from different adaptations, like the animated TV show Arcane and how it’s been a hit for League of Legends. Our hosts have some ideas as well and get into it while also talking about their personal histories with these adaptations and which incredibad ones they still love, all while keeping a hopeful eye on the future of video game movies and shows.

So sit back, throw on UPROXX Recon, and enjoy before binge watching a few of your favorite video game movies!