‘Sherlock Holmes Chapter One’ Looks Like An Emotional Murder Mystery Experience

Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective in history. Anyone that’s read the books, watched the movies, or seen one of the TV shows knows the genius of the fictional British detective. There’s no mystery he can’t solve, but one thing we don’t see enough of in Holmes fiction is an exploration of his emotions as a character beyond a witty detective. The trailer for Sherlock Holmes Chapter One appears to do exactly that.

It shows a young Holmes down on himself trying to just get through the day. He has a hard time getting out of bed, taking a step forward, and then, we’re thrown into some of the possible action we’ll get to see in the game. Towards the end of the trailer, a despondent Sherlock Holmes at his knees in front of the grave of Violet Holmes. That is the mystery he must solve this go around.

This version of Holmes appears to be young, perhaps even one that hasn’t gotten into detective works yet. It’s a Holmes game that fans are likely going to love, and since we see a grave, we can only imagine a murder mystery is involved. Let’s all grab our pipes and our detective caps, because we have a mystery to solve.

Honestly, it’s surprising that we don’t get more games about Sherlock Holmes. With the popularity of the detective, he’s the perfect protagonist for mystery-style games. There are also so many different game styles developers can pick from. Holmes can be a physical brawler, he can be puzzle solving, or he could just be a virtual novel. The variety of choices at disposal when it comes to him are great, and hopefully, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is an entry point into a more broad Holmes gaming universe.

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