Nobody Can Figure Out If ‘Trombone Champ’ Is A Joke Or Not But It’s Very Real

You know when you’re growing up and your school has a talent show, getting the usual talents such as juggling, dancing, or maybe even singing? Then you always get that one kid who brings out an instrument and plays it so bad that you’re honestly not sure if it’s supposed to be a joke or not.

Anyway, that’s the same kind of energy that Trombone Champ gives off. It is a game where you get to take some of the greatest, and most iconic, musical tracks ever and play them on a Trombone horribly. It’s a rhythm game where if you play on time with the notes you get loud fart like trombone sounds in response. If you do not do it on time you still get fart like trombone sounds, but now they sound worst and a giant NASTY appears on screen.

Trombone Champ
Holy Wow Studios/Trombone Champ

Is this game a joke? It’s hard to tell, because maybe that’s just how the Trombone sounds when playing these specific sounds. However, with how hard you are going to laugh while watching the trailer or playing the game it’s hard to not think it’s a joke. The official press kit from the developers of the game, Holy Wow studios, had this to say about the game.

Trombone Champ is the world’s first trombone-based rhythm music game. Unlike most music games, you can freely play any note at any time. You’re not just following along with the music, you’re actually playing the music! Play over 20 songs, collect all 50 Tromboner Cards, and discover the secrets of the Trombiverse!

Trombone Champ is currently available on Steam for $15 for anyone who’s interested in experiencing for themselves what is without a doubt the biggest surprise game of the year.