‘Recon’ Is Throwing The Greatest Goodbye Party For Gaming In 2020

For all the negative things 2020 has brought us, it has also brought millions of new, interested eyeballs to our once little corner of video game culture.

Well, once they collectively finished Tiger King they came swarming over… but what I’m trying to say is that for both avid gamers and welcomed noobs alike, 2020 has been the year for gaming. And now that this year is coming to a close, what better time for a year-in-review episode with your favorite gaming news and culture show, Uproxx Recon?!

Certified Co-host of the Year, SushiBAE, and honorable mention, me, AJ Lodge, are twelve months wiser and ready to take you through some of 2020’s best moments in streaming, the most wholesome moments in our community, and some of our favorite video games this year. Plus, because we don’t believe that any one game can be the “best,” we’re offering our picks for games that are the “easiest to recommend” and including plenty of discussion about older games that are still thriving even now. There was something to play for everyone this year, whether you’re a fan of great gameplay, engaging stories, or just want to hang with your friends. (Okay, but if you really want to know if Cyberpunk 2077 is better than Among Us, first we have to talk about graphics…)

Check your inventory for chips and salsa because UPROXX Recon is throwing the greatest goodbye party for 2020 that we’ve seen all year!