‘Wave Break’ Is The World’s First ‘Skateboating’ Game, And It Looks Rad As Hell

Have you ever wondered what you’d get if you threw Hotline Miami, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and some cute and cuddly mascots that look straight out of Diddy Kong Racing into the ol’ game development blender? Chances are probably not, but Funktronic Lab’s Wave Break makes a compelling case for why you should. Billed as “the world’s first skateBOATING game,” the neon-lit, Miami Vice inspired world of Wave Break looks pretty cool — just check out this trailer for it:

What’s most compelling to us about Wave Break right off the bat is despite it looking sort-of like a Fall Guys-esque multiplayer experience, the game actually comes with an entire single-player campaign that, according to the Nintendo Switch listing, features an “episodic storyline involving guns, kickflips, and blood money.” That being said, it also has a few different multiplayer modes, from ranked matchmaking skateboating battles to custom game modes so you can kickback with your friends. There are also a few different game modes, such as Trick Attack (a battle to rank up the highest score through pulling off sweet moves), Deathmatch, and Free Play.

Beyond gameplay, the trailer shows off the game’s emphasis on style, which extends to the outfits and customization options within the game. According to the listing, you can “unlock hundreds of custom clothing for maximum stylin’, as well as tons of decals and decorations for your boats.” Customization also takes shape in the game’s park creator mode, which allows you to build your own skateboating arenas, something Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater fans will surely be all about. Lastly, if you’re a streamer looking for a chill game to show off to your viewers, the game boasts an entirely ‘stream safe’ synthwave soundtrack — meaning you won’t get a copyright strike tossed your way while playing it.

If Wave Break sounds up your alley, you can catch it on PC and Nintendo Switch on June 11, 2021.