10 points for Jake Gyllenhaal

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07.11.11 19 Comments


Fine, Jake, fine. I’ll say it: cool t-shirt. Not many people can pull off “novelty t-shirt,” but you, Mr. Gyllenhaal, clearly have “it.” My only concern is that he looks a little glum.  Someone get him a sandwich, that always seems brighten him up.

UPDATE: A few people are calling Photoshop on this one. I was willing to believe it, but taking a closer look, I have  to agree with them (the graphic doesn’t follow the contour of the shirt, especially near the crease, and the blacks are darker than anything else in the photo). But let’s have our fun before someone sends me the original as definitive proof.

"Awesome story, Jake! Sandwich bump!"

This one is clearly not Photoshopped.

[via TheConjecturer — thanks to handsome Marine Matt Ufford for the tip]

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