10 Rejected Taglines For Magic Mike's Poster

You have to tip your jimmy cap to Warner Bros. and Steven Soderbergh for keeping the zipper up on the majority of details involving the upcoming super smash blockbuster Magic Mike, because we’re less than 24 days away from the film’s debut and I couldn’t be more excited if you stuffed a roll of dimes in my bike shorts.
In fact, let’s introduce the official FilmDrunk Magic Mike Countdown Clock!

Fancy sh*t, right? And to keep us just as excited as we were when Channing Tatum first announced his intentions to take this story of his life as a male stripper to the big screen, Warner has released a new poster for Magic Mike with the tagline: “Work All Day. Work It All Night.”
But right as I was about to declare that “hella fine” and “mad legit”, I spoke with my good friend C-Tates and he told me that wasn’t his first choice. I’ve included a brief list of the original tagline suggestions after the jizznump.