‘127 Hours’ Was Almost A Luke Perry Joint

File this one under wowsers. 127 Hours, the story of trapped hiker Aron Ralston later adapted by Slumdog Millionaire’s Danny Boyle and starring artsy-fartsy wonderboy James Franco, was almost a Luke Perry production. Starring Brian Austin Green. I will now post a block quote, to buy some time to clean the brain matter off of walls. Hit me with some unnecessary exclamation points, omg! from Yahoo!

“This movie that was made just recently — Danny Boyle film with James Franco about, the story of Aron Rolston — ‘127 Hours’ — I tried to acquire the rights to the story and do it with Brian [Austin] Green,” Luke revealed to Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Friday’s Access Hollywood Live.

“Brian’s a great actor,” Luke continued of the star, who now appears on “Desperate Housewives.” “I thought he ‘d be great in that part, but Danny Boyle, he got it… Brian’s a great actor and I always wanted to find something to do with him.”

Now, I’m kidding here because I love. The above caption isn’t fair. Luke Perry has maintained a career as a working actor since his heartthrob days on “90210,” which is no small feat given how most teen icons end up. And what Brian Austin Green lacks in a long-term, successful acting career, he more than makes up for in “body parts that have been inside Megan Fox.” So, again, kudos. But I don’t think there’s any doubt that the movie ended up better with Danny Boyle and James Franco attached. (Haha, that is funny because the movie is about Ralston “detaching” his arm, and you are welcome for the explanation.)

Although Brian Austin Green does have Franco matched in one area: the arts. While Franco is becoming a darling in the more avant garde, experimental circles, Green has street cred leaking out his butthole. Exhibit A after the jump.

via AV Club