17 new images from Prometheus: Theron Butt, RoboFassbender

I’m red-green colorblind myself, so this could be a little off-base, but most of the trailers and spots we’ve seen from Prometheus thus far have seemed mostly grey and steel-colored and desaturated. In this new batch of 17 images released at EW, many from the set in Iceland (like the one above), we get lots of vivid blues and yellows. Neat? I mean, I like colors. Also, there’s Charlize Theron’s butt looking all hot in her supertight space pants. In fact, I put this picture at the top because it showed the most butt. That’s an old blogger trick.

After The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises, it seems like Prometheus, which opens June 8th, is the next most-anticipated movie of the summer. But that could just be my love of Robot F. Assbender talking. Look at him, I just want to go everywhere with him, experience the world through his gentle robot eyes.

You see how she looks at me? It’s probably ’cause she wants me so bad. Jeez, Charlize, you make it so obvious.

RoboFass’s “curious robot” face with that head tilt reminds me of that thing my dog does when I scream gibberish at him (it’s a game we play). Mainly in that both are adorable.

I’m probably not the first to point this out, but man, that chick is weird looking. And strangely, not in an unattractive way. She’s like an elegant moray eel.

I bet those screens are where the holograms come out of, and she moves them around using those gloves.

I want to be the set guy who builds the smoke fires. That seems like a cool job. Everyone else would be off, filming some dramatic scene about the origins of mankind and you’d just be sitting there, grillin’ up some wieners.

Yellow piping, the PIPING OF THE FUTURE. In space, no one can see your camel toe.


The dude on the right is Sean Harris, who I only know as Michaeletto from The Borgias, and now it’s impossible to see him as anything but Michaelette from The Borgias. Even here he looks like a renaissance-era Italian in a space suit. Same hair and beard and everything. What, no codpiece?

Is Stringer Bell wearing weird contacts in this?

Aw, dammit. Please, don’t remind us that this is a Ridley Scott movie while Robin Hood‘s still on cable.

I could seriously watch RoboFassbender paint a house.

Whatcha thinkin’ bout? Mmm, I dunno, rocks ‘n stuff.

James Cameron has a suit just like that for when he has to be in the same room with poor people.

Don’t know who this is. Not looking it up.

See previous.

That is clearly the face of a man with an abnormally large penis.

[a few more pictures and descriptions over at EW]