1980 Sitcom Spinoff of 'The Exorcist' & Your Morning Links

Eh, oh, what if da Exorcist was a sitcom ova heah?


Wellington Airport’s Gollum sculpture celebrates New Zealand’s first-ever contribution to culture |Film Drunk|

Take a listen to the funniest Frotcast of the year…or at least Top 5. |Frotcast|

Hope everyone is well stocked and safe.
[via RoboShark]

Here’s A Collection Of Extremely Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos Foolish People Are Falling For |UPROXX|

Christina Aguilera’s Halloween Costume Is Very Confusing |Warming Glow|

FLBP (future lower-back problems) Ladies were scary good this week |TheChive|

Five Supervillain Weapons Science Has Already Invented |Gamma Squad|

Could A New Eminem Album Be On The Way? |Smoking Section|

The Best Moments From Week 8 Sunday |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Emma Roberts Dressed Up As Her Aunt Julia From “Pretty Woman” |Buzzfeed|

Lindsay Lohan Is A Good Meteorologist |IDLYITW|

16 International Idioms That Describe Heavy Rain |Mental Floss|

Spike TV Offering $10MM To Anyone Who Can Prove The Existence Of Bigfoot
|Screen Junkies|

The Halloween Candy Trading Guide |Daily What|

Dumbass Fight Club |Holy Taco|

Best Baby Costume Ever |HuffPost Comedy|

Tetris Pumpkin Is A Pretty Good Pumpkin |Videogum|

Mila Kunis Looks Pregnant. For Real This Time. |The Superficial|

Banned iPad Mini Promo |High Definite|

9 Beloved TV Actors That You May Not Realize Are Still Employed |Pajiba|

Paulina Gretzky Dressed Up As a Sexy Cop, Sexy Pirate, and Sexy deadmau5 for Halloween |Brobible|

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