Frotcast 407: Name Of The Year Draft, With Josh Androsky And Brendan


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Salutations Frot-nation!

It’s time for another regular ol’ boring episode of the Filmdrunk Frotcast… or IS it? It’s not! A regular ol’ boring episode, I mean. It’s not that. Because this week Matt, Vince, and Brendan (via Skype) got together for the annual NAME OF THE YEAR Draft, in which we read through Deadspin’s bracket of the world’s best/worst names and giggle uncontrollably. Listen at your own risk, and try not to “Jizyah Shorts.”

Our guest this week is Josh Androsky – a democratic socialist, comedian, and winner of a million dollars on a Big Bang Theory slot machine. We talk about everything from “what’s it like to win a million dollars?” to “can I have some of the million dollars?” and much more! Oh, we also talk about how Joe Biden is a creep and possibly some sort of robot. It’s one hell of an episode and you should really listen to it, and then give the Frotcast 5 stars and a review on iTunes because we need it. You’ll never be lonely when you have the Frotcast. (-Matt)

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Team Josh (seed in parentheses)
Pretzel Montecarlo (2)
Storm Duck (13)
Corno Pronk (10)
Smart Chibuzo (16)
(From Matt) Shaky Sherpa (11)

Team Brendan
Jizyah Shorts (1)
Ecclesiastical Denzel Washington (1)
Manchester United Macgyver (3)
Harrison Treegoob (15)
(From Josh) Ionosphere Torres (10)

Team Vince
Eriberto Pop Can (9)
Deicide Huxtable (2)
Dr. Trent Artichoker (8)
Jonathan Anomaly (16)
(from Brendan) Dr. Trentington Outhouse (1)

Team Matt
Chastity Gooch-Fant (8)
Konstantine Sepsis (5)
Raymundo Mundo (14)
Candy Button Disco (4)
(from Vince) Bubba Buckaloo (15)