Fox is planning a rom-com trilogy based on a wedding planning website

Oh get the f*ck right out of here with this news, Deadline:

20th Century Fox has acquired rights to make feature films from the websites The Knot, The Bump, and The Nest. The first of those sites are popular with couples making wedding plans, the second is for expecting couples, and the third is for settling in as parents. The hope is to turn this into three ensemble films about progressing from the first to the third experience.

Appropriate reaction GIF in 3… 2… 1…

This is pretty f*cking remarkable, actually. I thought that it was bad enough that movie studios were trying to drain the well on everything from toy franchises to board games, but now they’re just buying the rights to website names so they can piggyback on the web traffic to establish a built-in audience for the same old, contrived romantic comedy movies about two dipsh*ts falling in love despite their flaws, getting married even though their wacky families hate each other, making a baby even though they’re both so busy and take their careers very seriously, and buying their first home, because all of that crap is only interesting if you give it a familiar name to distract us from realizing it’s just recycled movie mung.

Then again, I don’t want to be completely negative, so I’m looking forward to the eventual option of Ashley Madison, Adult Friend Finder and Craigslist Casual Encounters.