A Supercut of Sh*t Getting Real: The Michael Bay Epic Spinning Low-Angle

Well sonovabitch, file this supercut under “Stuff I Should’ve Made Oliver Edit.” In fact, I’m such a huge fan of the low-angle, camera-rotating-around-the-subject epic shot that’s in every Michael Bay movie that I ended my last fictional Michael Bay post with “(*slow motion bro-high five while low-angle camera spins around them*).” Such is my love of my favorite Michael Bay cliché. But kudos to Screenjunkies for beating us to this supercut. I imagine a few people have tried to talk Michael Bay out of putting this shot in all of his movies, but he probably called them studio flunkies and was literally going to punch them out. Besides, as the great man Michael Bay once said of Michael Bay:

“I don’t change my style for anybody. Pussies do that.”

That should be printed on Michael Bay’s tombstone. I envision it more as a sort of living tombstone, laser branded on the side of a tiger.