A Supercut Of The Idiotic Questions Actresses Get Asked On The Red Carpet

If you’ve ever been to a movie premiere, almost certainly the most memorable thing about them are the stupid questions the actors, and especially the actresses get shouted at them on the red carpet. Which are memorable both in quantity and in depth of stupidity. It doesn’t stop at the photographers either, but extends to most of the red carpet reporters. For whatever reason, we seem to have decided as a society that the ideal red carpet reporter is a vacuum-tubed, plastic haired, nearly lifelike replication of a human being, like Ryan Seacrest or Billy Bush. If you want someone to ask something that goes beyond hair or dresses, probably hire someone who doesn’t sleep in a giant cardboard box.

The supercut format is perfect for this, because the questions get stupider the more times someone asks them. This makes me miss David Spade’s old show, Spade in America, where they would make supercuts of actors giving identical answers while pretending to be spontaneous over the course of three, five, ten different interviews in the same press tour. Ah, the press tour. What are you even supposed to ask an actor on these things? “So, tell us all about this fictional person you pretended to be.”