That Adam Sandler Movie Where Drew Barrymore Pukes Onion Soup Has Another Trailer

There’s just something about Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore teaming up to fall in love all over again that has a strange power of making a Happy Madison movie not look terrible. Well, at least not that terrible. In the new trailer for Blended, AKA 50 First Wedding Singers, Sandler and Barrymore are more wrong for each other than they’ve ever been, but when their families conveniently take vacations in the same place in Africa at the very same time – like all families do! – they’re bound to realize how much they need each other in their lives, so they can teach each other’s kids how not to suck.

Speaking of the kids, they’re always one of the biggest weaknesses in Sandler’s films, as he constantly relies on the “Kid says something that an adult would say, but adorably instead, now everyone laugh!” technique, but I’m going to admit something, even though it’s incredibly painful to do – the shirt on fire part of this trailer made me chuckle. I know, I’ll call my doctor immediately.