Amy Pascal’s Move Into Seth Rogen’s Old Office Delayed As Crews Try To Remove ‘Pot Stench,’ Says Report

When Amy Pascal was replaced by Tom Rothman as Sony Pictures chair (speculate amongst yourselves how much of that was a result of the hack/Interview kerfuffle) and became an “on-the-lot producer,” the plan was to move her into Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s old office. Only those wacky stoners smoked up the place so bad that it’s going to have to be specially cleaned to remove the smell! ROOOOOOOOGEEEEEEENNN!

Sources say Pascal is unable to move into her new suite that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg most recently occupied because the stench of marijuana cannot be easily removed. The offices — a plum spot that once housed Pascal’s late boss, John Calley — will be repainted in an effort to eradicate the smell. …[Pascal] will move into temporary offices until the odor is sufficiently eliminated.

In other words, she’s not moving in until they get that office smelling clean and rad and powerful.

A source downplayed the marijuana issue, saying Rogen and Goldberg hadn’t been in the offices — also in the Thalberg — long enough to cause permanent damage. Furthermore, the repaint job has more to do with the fact that Pascal wants to put her own decorative stamp on the offices. But a source says the smell is so bad that it has seeped into the flooring. […]

Whoa, competing anonymous sources, that’s really hedging your bets. “Well Bob, word on the street is that some folks won’t, while others say they will. Different strokes for different folks, you say tomay-to, I say tomahto oh God do you smell burnt toast I think I’m having an aneurysm. Back to you.”

Rogen and Goldberg’s neighbors had long complained of the smell emanating from their first-floor offices. One frequent visitor says the fumes could be smelled on the third floor of the building. [THR]

I’ve lived with guys who did nothing but smoke weed all day on multiple occasions (a highlight was two roommates I had who kept a spray bottle filled with water in the living room that they’d squirt each other with when one would fall asleep and start snoring too loud for the other to hear the TV) and the smell was always the least of my worries. Pot smoke isn’t a tenth as stinky as cigarette smoke – 10 minutes after you clear out the hot box you don’t really smell it that much. So, saying the smell “has seeped into the flooring” sounds like some typically alarmist LA pussy horsesh*t to me. I love that five different assistants probably spent half the week in hushed phone calls and whispery lunch conversations over this. I don’t know, they might not want to clean those floors, I hear the upside of all that weed residue and bong resin is that it keeps out the black mold and gluten and MSG and thetans.