Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Bone In The Throat’ Looks Like ‘Chef’ Meets Guy Ritchie

As a fan of his food porn-meets-curmudgeonly-reveries television shows, I finally decided to read Anthony Bourdain’s best seller that launched him to fame, Kitchen Confidential. Which was enjoyable enough that I also picked up his most recent, Medium Raw (fun fact: Kitchen Confidential eventually became a short-lived television series starring Bradley Cooper as “Jack Bourdain.”). What I learned reading those was that Bourdain had previously written three novels, Bone In The Throat, Gone Bamboo, and The Bobby Gold Stories. How he managed that while supposedly working 60+ hour weeks as a chef I have no idea. He claims he doesn’t do coke anymore but let’s look at the facts.

Anyway, Bone in the Throat has been adapted into a feature film directed by Graham Henman, starring Ed Westwick and Tom Wilkinson, set to debut at SXSW this month, and now we have a trailer. The book was set in Manhattan’s Little Italy, which seems to have been swapped for London in the film. I was a little skeptical at first on account of Ed Westwick and his lascivious eyebrows, but it looks sort of like food porn meets old school Guy Ritchie. In which case… yeah, I’d watch that. Though I’d never hire Ed Westwick to cook at my restaurant, I wouldn’t trust him not to have sex with the food.