Apparently There’s Going To Be A ‘Pitch Perfect 3’

The cult popularity of Pitch Perfect seems like one part cute comedy and three parts theater dorks wanting other theater dorks to make them look less dorky by comparison. There are enough theater dorks that it’s a genuine phenomenon, leading to a sequel, directed by Elizabeth Banks, which is opening May 15th. And now, at least according to Rebel Wilson, there’s going to be a third.

Rebel Wilson introduced “an exclusive clit. I mean clip” (probably bleeped in the telecast) from Pitch Perfect 2 last night at the MTV Movie Awards. Later in the show, there was another exclusive clip from MTV’s new series, Scream. Which is to say, I’m not that surprised they’re already planning for a third Pitch Perfect. I’d be surprised if they weren’t planning an eventual Pitch Perfect series.

[protected-iframe id=”2cd7964ed39b24345d2d21a7de165d27-60970621-60061059″ info=”″ width=”650″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″]


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, apparently Flula Borg is in it. I was never in musical theater, so this looks like a singing, dancing root canal to me. Hyper-caffeinated actors lip-synching to kid-friendly covers of played out songs? Oh boy, where do I sign up. Can we add more Josh Gad somehow?