As If You Needed It, This Supercut Is A Reminder That Robert Downey Jr. Is The Best

Mondays, am I right? Fortunately, our good friend and master of the supercut, Robert Jones, is back with the cure for all that ails us – a whole bunch of Robert Downey Jr. being the most charming man in the world. Jones’ latest video for Tastefully Offensive offers up RDJ’s “Greatest Movie Moments,” and it’s hard to deny that this is a video that could make even the grumpiest cat smile. However, in terms of Downey’s “greatest movie moments,” I’d still argue that we can just go ahead and basically watch every movie he’s ever made. In fact, I’m going to start with my 58th viewing of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. And if I don’t decide to immediately watch it again, I’ll slap a bra on my head and watch Weird Science.

How can I resist this guy?