Audiences Want More Of James Gandolfini As ‘Enough Said’ Earns A Wider Release

The very last little tidbit that I left off of this morning’s box office recap actually deserves its own post because the news is sort of bittersweet. Available in just four theaters this weekend, Enough Said was a huge success, as it earned approximately $60,000 per screen for a nice gross of $240,000. The reason that everyone was willing to sit two to a seat if need be to see Enough Said is because it is James Gandolfini’s second to last film.

To put that weekend performance into a much greater perspective, Universal also released Ron Howard’s Rush on five screens and it only earned $40,000 per screen. One could argue that fewer people saw Rush this weekend because they could see it next week when it opens wide; however, we could also just argue that Enough Said will be available on VOD soon enough. Whatever the reason, Fox Searchlight is listening to the audience and will release Enough Said (co-starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus) in 65 more markets next week.

“Audiences have been waiting for a well-written film for adults, and besides Nicole’s core audience, she seems to be reaching a new set of moviegoers who are discovering and appreciating her work,” Fox Searchlight distribution chief Frank Rodriguez wrote in an email.

“We are very happy with the outstanding opening weekend grosses, and while we knew all along that we would do well at the box office, these figures are beyond our wildest expectations.” (Via The Wrap)

In case you missed the 65th Emmy Awards last night, Edie Falco, Gandolfini’s co-star and wife on The Sopranos, spoke of his unexpected passing from earlier this year and then I started dusting and my allergies started acting up.