Awesome Mash-Up: The Triumph of the Crane Kick

This is ostensibly a humor site about movies, so I’ll forgive you for not knowing that Lyoto Machida knocked out Randy Couture (and knocked one of his teeth out) with a front kick on Saturday night.  It was the second front kick knockout in the UFC, and in a bizarro-world turn, the second time a fighter credited Steven Seagal (LAW MAN! MARTIAL ARTIST! POONANI LOVER!) with helping to refine his technique. (Yes, for those of you who asked, this was a real picture, not Photoshop).  However, for those of us movie lovers watching (Joe Rogan included), the move looked a lot more like Daniel-san’s infamous Crane Kick than anything from a Steven Seagal movie.  For shame, Seagal, trying to take credit for Miyagi’s moves.  I know you don’t like to keep track of space and time, but that’s no excuse.  STRIKE FIRST! STRIKE HARD! NO MERCY!

The only way this could’ve been better is if Machida had jumped on top of Couture as if to ground and pound, but then tweaked his nose instead.

Thanks to Tony for making the awesome mash-up. Seagal interview via MMAFighting.