Benedict Cumberbatch Plays Alan Turing In The Trailer For ‘The Imitation Game’

07.22.14 5 years ago 18 Comments

I am probably the last person on the entire internet who should writing about the upcoming Alan Turing biopic. You might be thinking “The entire internet?! What about Tila Tequila? Surely you are more qualified to write about Alan Turing than a woman who had a brain aneurysm turned her into a Nazi?” Nope, even Tila Tequila probably knows more about Alan Turing (in a “know thy enemy” type of way.)

My familiarity with Alan Turing goes as far as this XKCD comic that I still don’t understand, even after viewing the trailer for ‘The Imitation Game.’. And yes, I know that there exists an entire wiki that was created specifically to explain the jokes of XKCD comics, but in trying to read the explanation of the Turing Test panel, I only found myself with more questions, like “if you have to have a wiki explaining all your jokes, maybe your jokes are bad?”

But while I may have little interest in mathematics, computer science, or XKCD comics, I am a HUGE fan of outsmarting Nazis. Probably one of the biggest fans of outsmarting Nazis on the entire internet. And apparently, that is what the Alan Turing biopic is all about. (Description via YouTube.)

The Imitation Game is a nail-biting race against time following Alan Turing (pioneer of modern-day computing and credited with cracking the German Enigma code) and his brilliant team at Britain’s top-secret code-breaking centre, Bletchley Park, during the darkest days of World War II. Turing, whose contributions and genius significantly shortened the war, saving thousands of lives, was the eventual victim of an unenlightened British establishment, but his work and legacy live on.

I’ll admit right now, half of me wants to see this movie because of my love for Nazi-hating and Benedict Cumberbatch’s beautiful baritone voice and piercing blue eyes. But the other half of me wants to see this movie in order to finally start laughing at XKCD comics, so I can better fit in with my software engineer friends. I just want to get it, guys.

(OK, here’s one that I get!)

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