Black Dynamite starring in TV version of Tyler Perry movie

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04.27.11 22 Comments

Great news, everyone! Although Tyler Perry’s House of Payne is wrapping after 222 episodes (HOLY BUTTF*CKING MONKEY DICKS, 222 EPISODES!?†), we won’t have to wait long for more of Perry’s folksy pandering, because Perry’s film Why Did I Get Married? is being adapted into a TV “dramedy” called For Better or For Worse. Why, I haven’t been this excited to watch TBS since they showed soft-core porn with the nude scenes edited out!

Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight) and Tasha Smith (Couples Retreat) are set to reprise their roles as television anchor Marcus and salon owner Angela.

“Tyler Perry’s series have been tremendously successful for TBS, helping establish the network as a prime destination for African-American viewers,” said Michael Wright, executive vice president, head of programming, for TBS, TNT and Turner Classic Movies. “Given such a remarkable track record, we’re excited for the opportunity to expand our relationship with Tyler Perry and Debmar-Mercury with the new series For Better or Worse.” [THR]

Yes, Michael Jai White, not Jaleel White.  Black Dynamite starring in a TBS sitcom, oh the humanity.  I don’t want to say Hollywood is racist, but this is like if Paul Rudd took a job on the Bill Engvall show.  And say what you will about Paul Rudd, he doesn’t even know karate.

†For comparison, Seinfeld had 180 episodes

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