Booted texter’s angry voicemail message becomes “don’t text during movies” PSA

The Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Austin has long been known as a mecca for savvy moviegoers (or hipsters, however you want to call it), and one thing savvy moviegoers (and Latvians) hate is people talking or texting during the movie. As per theater policy, a girl was recently kicked out of the Alamo without refund for texting after she’d already been warned twice (no word on what movie it was).  On her way home, the girl left the theater an angry voicemail message, saying “I’ve texted in all the other theaters in Austin, and no one ever gave a f*ck.”

Alamo CEO Tim League correctly recognized this as perhaps the best free advertisement for his theater one could provide, and put it in the above video, which will now play at Alamo theaters as part of the “Don’t Talk or Text” PSA that runs before their movies.

“I will never be comin’ back to your ‘Alamo Drafthouse’ or whatever. I’d rather go to a reglear theater, where people are actually polite.”

Gotta love a gal who fails to recognize the irony of that statement. I’d love to hear her take on Paul Revere’s historic ride. Anyway, this probably won’t be nearly as funny once we find out she has four kids, all named “Jaxxon.”

[AlamoDrafthouse, Picture source]